Aloe Vera CookBook
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Aloe Vera CookBook


Great gourmet recipes using Aloe Vera to boost your energy and mesmerize your sense of tasting!

300 in stock (can be backordered)

Dear readers,

I am really keen to share with you my passion for cooking with the fascinating plant known as aloe vera.

I first got to know the astonishing power of aloe vera as a child, when my French grandmother used it as a household remedy for my sunburn.

Grandma kept several pots of this plant on her kitchen windowsill, and she used it for a variety of applications.

Travelling with my family through Spain, I often wondered how this plant could not only survive, but even thrive in hot and barren conditions.

Having read up on the various nutrients it contains, I was keen to start cooking with aloe vera and soon began trying out my own recipes.

Voilà, these are the first taste experiences I would like to share with you!

Born and bred in France, I learned to cook at a famous catering college in Nice and then worked for many years at top international hotels as a chef and patissier. Following spells in the UK, Switzerland and France, I have now lived for several years in Germany. About twenty years ago, I branched out into the world of teleshopping and live cooking demonstrations.

My recipes have been carefully put together so that all the ingredients can be found in most large supermarkets. They are easy enough for anyone in the family to prepare, yet will still look impressive.

I hope you enjoy cooking them – and eating them – as much as I have enjoyed creating them for you.


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